onsdag den 4. november 2015

Yesterday's Perleugle, Sprawks in black and white and a Swedish control

For anyone who missed the update on yesterday's blog - we did a second Tengmalm's Owl (Perleugle) last night. This bird had flight feathers of all the same age so it is a bird hatched this year.

 Tengmalms Owl Age 3 (Perleugle 1k)

After 5 hours trying for owls last night, with one caught and a second bird seen on a hawthorn bush close to nets, it was a very cold morning as we both found out when we dropped the nets before dawn. A bit later as we did our first round, it was to what sounded like a fanfare played on toy trumpets, by players who really needed some practice. From the repeated, monotone call, we knew that a small flock of Northern Bullfinch (Stor Dompap) were moving through the site. As well as being larger in size than either of the two species found in Denmark or the UK, they also have a louder and quite distinctive call. Four individuals were captured throughout the morning, all being first year (1k) birds.

 Northern Bullfinch juvenile male (Stor Dompap 1k han)

 Northern Bullfinch juvenile female (Stor Dompap 1k hun)

The Sparrowhawks (Spurvehøg) juveniles we are seeing now include a morph different to the rufous ones seen in September and October.

 Juvenile female Sparrowhawk (1k hun Spurvehøg) with black and white colouration.

 Rufous colouration on two different individuals for comparison.

There were a lot of recaptures today, one being TM4755, a Goldcrest (Fuglekonge) with a Swedish ring.

Flocks were again seen heading for the tip intent on making the crossing. A large flock of Barnacle Geese (Bramgås) were feeding on the beet field just north of the observatory at the end of the day. There is rain forecast for the next two days so we shall wait to see whether ringing is possible.

Good birding.

Totals:  37 ( 29 )

Spurvehøg / Sparrowhawk - 2
Gærdesmutte / Wren - 1
Jernspurv / Dunnock - 1
Rødhals / Robin - 3(6)
Solsort / Blackbird - 2 (3)
Sangdrossel / Song Thrush -0
Munk / Blackcap - 0 (1)
Fuglekonge / Goldcrest - 5  (15)
Rødtoppet - Fuglekonge / Firecrest - 0 (1)
Blåmejse / Blue Tit - 1 (1)
Musvit / Great Tit - 4 (2)
Bogfinke / Chaffinch - 1
Grønsisken /Siskin - 11
Lille Gråsisken / Lesser Redpoll -2
Stor Dompap / Northern Bullfinch - 4

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