onsdag den 21. august 2013

A treble

For the 3rd day on the bounce, we ringed over 100 birds. This morning was similar to yesterday for the spread of species caught and numbers a little down on yesterday,though Willow warblers were noticeable by their absence with just 22 caught today compared with 195 yesterday.

I finished on 114 for the day.

Whitethroat 24
Garden Warbler 24
Willow Warbler 22
Icterine Warbler 8
Lesser Whitethroat 7
Marsh Warbler 6
Reed Warbler 5
Redstart 4
Blackcap 3
Pied Flycatcher 3
Linnet 3
Spotted Flycatcher 2
White Wagtail 1
Dunnock 1
Thrush Nightingale 1

Today's Dunnock is only the 2nd bird we've caught whilst I've been here this autumn, maybe a sign of changing times? Autumn is definitely here as there was a nip in the air this morning after a beautifully clear night.

Thrush Nightingales continue to be caught daily, we are edging ever closer to a new annual record; 34 have been ringed this year at present.

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