lørdag den 17. august 2013

Weekend Watchers.

The day today, went to the 'Weekend Watcher(s)', Louis Hansen is particularly worth mentioning. Countless hours spent thanklessly counting migration, hard work for most; not Louis though. Today, last that I heard, they had seen Golden Oriole, Long-tailed Skua and probably a distant Two-barred Crossbill. Here in the garden, nada. Not a sign of any of those birds, though we tried to 'connect' the the latter two thanks to a speedy alert from Louis.

Although bird(s) of the day were seen by others, we still had a good day ringing with 86 new birds and many recaptures from recent days.

Whitethroat 19
Willow Warbler 12
Lesser Whitethroat 11
Garden Warbler 10
Tree Pipit 10
Tree Sparrow 5
Icterine Warbler 4
Redstart 3
Linnet 3
Yellow Wagtail 2
Spotted Flycatcher 2
and singles of Marsh Warbler, Chiffchaff, Pied Flycatcher, Red-backed Shrike and Greenfinch.

Yellow Wagtail 1st CY - Thorkild Michaelsen
Gert again worked on the ringing hut. Anders came to back up the fugle-database. Per Bo continues his search for the Aquatic Warbler.

Photo Thorkild Michaelsen
Blog Craig Brookes

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