lørdag den 26. september 2015

26th September

Migration was very much in evidence today in the garden. We took a first round with the number of Wrens (Gærdesmutte) creeping out of single figures then, later in the morning we received a 'Blue Tit (Blåmejse) alert' as 30 had been seen to drop into the garden and flocks had been moving overhead. Where we usually ring, both of these species is treated as sedentary with no birds leaving the United Kingdom. Here it's a different matter altogether.

 Wren (Gærdesmutte)

Wrens are night migrants and some birds rest in the garden before taking a nocturnal flight across the sea. Blue Tits regularly migrate but are eruptive in some years. Unlike many other birds, they are not scared away by sudden or loud noises - they will in fact dive for cover in response to noise, so no loud noises if large flocks are passing above. 

   Blue Tit (Blåmejse)

There was also a small influx of Blackbirds (Solsort) and today's were the first newly ringed birds since August. We caught our first Redpoll (Gråsiskin) and after three Firecrest (Rødtoppet Fuglekonge) yesterday, we got another this morning.

Male Firecrest (Rødtoppet Fuglekonge - han)


Totals: 151 (9)

Gærdesmutte / Wren - 15 
Jernspurv / Dunnock - 12
Rødhals / Robin - 26 (3)
Rødstjert / Redstart -2
Solsort / Blackbird - 2 (2)
Sangdrossel / Sond Thrush -1
Gærdesanger / Lesser Whitethroat -1
Havesanger / Garden Warbler - 2
Munk / Blackcap -12 (2)
Gransanger / Chiffchaff - 45 
Løvsanger / Willow Warbler- 5
Rødtoppet Fuglekonge / Firecrest -1
Blåmejse / Blue Tit -15 (2)
Musvit / Great Tit - 2
Bogfinke / Chaffinch -3
Grønirisk / Greenfinch - 5
Lille Gråsiskin / Lesser Redpoll - 1
Rørspurv / Reed Bunting - 1

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