mandag den 7. september 2015

The weekend that was.

An absolutely awful weather forecast greeted us at the middle of last week and thoughts were that the weekend would be a washout. No ringing was undertaken due to inclement weather, but the birding spectacle was just sublime. I'll start with a quick breakdown of Saturday.

Hvepsevåge dag

Under clouded skies amidst showers I headed out to the tip just after first light, Louis and Anders were already there, a juvenile sortterne (Black tern) bounced through the waves to the west of the tip giving simply stunning views in the morning light.

A few birders turned up for the weekend watching and together, we all sat out on the tip; sheltering from the wind.

The first hour was slow with a few regular migrants: Skovpiber, Pibeand, Krikand, Sortand etc. Also the days first Almindelig kjove (Arctic Skua) came through along with a Markpiber (Tawny pipit) and a couple of Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzard).

Birding was regularly quiet until around 9:30 when Louis picked up flocking Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzard) long in the distance around Birkemose.

A quick breakdown of the Hvepsevåge passage.

Passed by 7:00 - 0
Passed by 8:00 - 2
Passed by 9:00 - 24
Passed by 10:00 - 174
Passed by 11:00 - 530
Passed by 12:00 - 626
Passed by 13:00 - 911
Passed by 14:00 - 1259
Passed by 15:00 - 1319
Passed by 16:00 - 1321

64 also migrated west in the late afternoon. Not only were the Honey Buzzards breaking migration records, there was other birds on the move too.

The day record for Fiskeørn (Osprey) was also broken with 40 individuals passing. 3 Steppehøg (Pallid Harrier) and a single Blå Kærhøg (Hen Harrier) passed. It was very much a raptor day with 71 Tårnfalk (Kestrel), 74 Spurvehøg (Sparrowhawk), 8 Dværgfalk (Merlin), 3 Lærkefalk (Hobby) and 23 Rørhøg (Marsh Harrier).

Hvepsevåge day finished with 3 Dotterel whipping south just before 19:00.

Sunday 6th September

It's always hard to follow an epic day of big migration as often many birds have cleared out and there's not so much happening. Sunday though, however much slower than Saturday, it still produced great views of top quality birds!

Gul Vipstjert (Yellow Wagtail) 1700
Landsvale (Swallow) 400
Tårnfalk (Kestrel) 45
Dværgefalk (Merlin) 2
Bysvale (House Martin) 325
Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzard) 128
Fiskeørn (Osprey) 25
Fiskhejre (Grey Heron) 19
Skarv (Cormorant) 212
Almindelig Kjove (Arctic Skua) 6
Spurvehøg (Sparrowhawk) 94
Rørhøg (Marsh Harrier) 28
Sort-strubbet Lom (Black-throated diver) 7
Krikand (Teal) 98
Hvid Stork (White Stork) 11
Sort Stork (Black Stork) 1
Hjejle (Golden Plover) 20
Lærkefalk (Hobby) 4
Ederfugl (Eider) 71
Sortand (Common Scoter) 309
Gøg (Cuckoo) 1
Skærpiber (Rock Pipit) 2
Knørdegås (Brent goose) 146
Rødben (Redshank) 1
Sortklire (Spotted Redshank) 1
Hvidklire (Greenshank) 1
Skeand (Shoveler) 87
Fjørdterne (Common Tern) 41
Havterne (Arctic Tern) 5
Spidsand (Pintail) 148
Pibeand (Wigeon) 29
Vanderfalk (Peregrine) 1 Juv female
Brushøne (Ruff) 2
Strandskaded (Oystercatcher) 1
Dobbelbeckassin (Snipe) 1
Islandsk Ryle (Knot) 1
Hedehøg (Montagu's Harrier) 1
Blå Kærhøg (Hen Harrier) 3
Steppehøg (Pallid Harrier) 1

A Vendehals (Wryneck) also rested in the garden during the early morning downpours.

I'll finish off with a few pictures from the weekend, all taken by Louis A. Hansen.
Pallid Harrier 1cy, Circus macrourus. Gedser Odde 6th September 2015. © Louis A. Hansen

Honey Buzzard 2cy+ female, Pernis apivorus. Gedser Odde 6th September 2015. © Louis A. Hansen

Black Stork 1cy, Ciconia nigra. Gedser Odde 6th September 2015. © Louis A. Hansen
A fantastic weekend at the tip. Apologies for the late blog, I was simply wiped out after such long days taking a battering from the weather. With such great birds and company though, it's more than worth it. 

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