mandag den 14. april 2014

Another lie-in

Rain in the morning let us have a good lie-in but when we could open some nets the strong westerly wind dictated the pace so we ended up fighting a losing battle from the start!   Managed to catch two new Dunnocks and a re-trap Greenfinch - the Greenfinch at least was vaguely interesting as it had a well developed brood patch indicating an early breeding attempt even though there are hardly any leaves on any of the trees yet.   I have also seen Blackbirds and Linnets collecting nesting material so perhaps its not that early.

One flock of 30 Bramblings flew over the garden in the morning while at sea there were a few Sandwich Terns along with 9 Brent Geese, 4 Red-throated and a Black-throated Diver, 4 Pintail and a couple of groups of Teal.

There were no birds to photograph so here's a caterpillar crossing the road!
I'd like to know the species if anyone could help?
Went out to the tip in the afternoon to try and find something to write about but all I could come with were a couple of Porpoises and a curious Grey Seal.

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Hans Lind sagde ...

Hi Simon
The larva is from Large Yellow Underwing, Noctua pronuba

Gedser Fuglestation sagde ...

Hi Simon

An image of the larva is here - which by the way is a fantastic website: