tirsdag den 15. april 2014

Weather forecasting

A gorgeous sunny, spring day, still breezy but not as strong as the forecast led us to believe especially during the morning's ringing session - its always good when it happens that way round but its usually windier than the 'experts' predict!   Managed 24 new birds through the morning with another small influx of 12 Dunnocks along with a Chiffchaff and a House Sparrow!

House Sparrow - although common in town they are quite scarce out here at the station, its the first one I've seen here since arriving; there were two more present as well!
A Swallow flew through, a Peregrine zoomed over in the afternoon and there was a random Egyptian Goose feeding in the field opposite the entrance gate with Herring Gulls and Woodpigeons!   Possibly the same Ring Ouzel was still at Kroghage in the afternoon while Scaup were down to 9 on the pools - after there being 17 on there pretty much every time I've looked!

Rose Chafer (possibly!)

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