onsdag den 23. april 2014

Gotta be flexible

A bit of a mixed up day with the weather forcing us to change and re-change our plans a few times; we opened the nets as usual just before dawn and managed to catch a few things including a new Lesser Whitethroat and a Swedish control Dunnock but by 07:00 heavy rain had set in causing us to close the nets and focus our attention on the sea.
   Just before 7am a good movement of Terns had started and by 10am totals included 32 Little Terns, 170 Arctic Terns and 60 Common Terns along with a single Velvet Scoter, a Black-throated Diver, at least 43 Sanderling and a few flocks of Teal and Wigeon.   A little walk out to the tip mid-morning saw more Tern flocks passing with 3 Blue-headed Wagtails and 30 Swallows around the point.

With the forecast predicting rain right through until mid-afternoon at least, we settled down to an indoors day however, by 10:30 the rain had stopped and it was fairly bright so we went round and re-opened some nets.   We were fairly optimistic as when we were going round an early Wood Warbler was in full song with Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Lesser Whitethroat as backing singers; it was however a bit disappointingly quiet although the Wood Warbler was soon trapped along with 4 Willow Warblers and an array of Redpolls comprising 5 Mealies and 3 Lessers.

Wood Warbler

Two of the Redpoll trapped today - the top two photos are of a big, pale, cool looking Mealy but the bottom two are of the trickiest bird we caught, an adult male with a wing of 74.5 with quite a pale rump, pale cheeks, not much streaking on the underparts but quite a warm coloured mantle - its overall 'coldness' saw me put it down as a Mealy
A few random bits and pieces were seen as we were netting with an adult male Marsh Harrier cruising over, a Greenshank heading high to the east and a group of 3 Black-throated Divers past on the sea where flocks of Terns continued to move east but we had no time to keep track of any numbers. 
A look out on the tip late afternoon then produced yet more Terns heading out east with a mixture of Commons and Arctics seen, another Black-throated Diver, another Greenshank on the beach, a few flocks of Teal and Shoveler also heading east and 8 House Martins which had joined the hirundines mooching around the point.

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