onsdag den 28. maj 2014

A day of rest

Well, for the first time in seemingly ages I was unable to open any nets in the morning as the gale force NE wind was still lashing the station (its been a pretty good run really!) so after a little check at the appropriate time - 03:15, I had the luxury of sleeping until 08:30; very strange, threw my whole day out of whack!

There wasn't much bird news with good numbers of Little Terns along the coast the main feature with 6 feeding on the sheltered side of the tip, 5 between the station and town, 7 by the harbour and at least 12 around Kroghage and feeding in the marina.   Other birds included a few Swifts ridiculously flying into the wind out at sea, a Green Sandpiper on the shore just east of town and the usual singing birds still going despite the wind at Kroghage with at least 3 Marsh Warblers and 2 Common Rosefinches of note.

Swallows sheltering on the beach at Kroghage - they didn't seem to like sitting by themselves on the beach with flocks of them sitting alongside Little Terns, Sanderling and Ringed Plover!

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