fredag den 2. maj 2014


A completely different kind of day to the tropical like conditions of the past couple of days, as it was overcast and it had returned to the brisk, cold NE wind of last week, it wasn't too bad though and with a change of any kind birds often follow (that's what I told myself anyway!).   Managed to open the vast majority of the nets but there was nothing to be seen or caught anywhere, in over seven hours of netting I caught 4 Linnets, a Dunnock, a Chaffinch and on the very last round.....a gorgeous Wryneck!
   I was at a loss to explain why there was so little with the good turnover of birds over the last week I would have thought there would be a few migrants around but ours is not to reason why!

The general paucity of birds unfortunately coincided with a large tour group led by Hans, Benny and Gert, I had managed to show them some re-trap Robins and Dunnocks in the hand but they were literally just stepping out of the door to head off when I came round the corner with the brilliant Jynx - a great end to the tour!
I was told that when this group came to visit last autumn it was again a quiet day and they only saw one bird in the hand during their trip - I sensed a pattern!

Benny and Hans talking the talk

My 'I'm at a loss to explain why there are no birds' selfie!

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