fredag den 13. juni 2014

I think spring is indeed over!

Strong westerly winds were blasting through the garden today reducing the number of nets I could open; this also contributed to the total of just 3 new birds caught this morning but there weren't many birds around anyway - it is mid-June after all!   2 White Wagtails (one juvenile) and a Marsh Warbler were trapped along with the nice red, adult male Common Rosefinch originally ringed on 5th June.

Marsh Warbler
A Thrush Nightingale was singing in the garden through the morning while a few ducks flew west offshore including small parties of Tufted Duck, Teal and Common Scoter.   Several sharp showers moved through in the afternoon drenching all the clean and nearly dry bird bags I had hung on the line after finally getting round to washing them!

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