onsdag den 11. juni 2014

Look out of the window

With the weather forecast changing every five minutes in regard to when and if any rain was going to arrive through the day, I had to rely on the often overlooked forecasting method of 'looking out of the window'!    This proved remarkably accurate as I managed to close all the nets ten minutes before heavy rain, thunder and lightning hit the station at 09:30!  
   The ringing session itself was very quiet with just 6 new birds caught; they were a nice mix of species though with the 4th Thrush Nightingale of the spring, a smart male Blue-headed Wagtail, a Linnet, a Chaffinch, a juvenile White Wagtail and a short-billed, still-fluffy juvenile Treecreeper.

Blue-headed Wagtail

Thrush Nightingale

Juvenile Treecreeper
A Grey Wagtail flew over the station before the rain (actually the first one I've seen in Denmark!) while on the sea 700+ Eiders flew west, 11 Curlews went east and there were a few Sandwich Terns and Swifts around.

Orache Moth - a pretty rare vagrant back in the UK but common here

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