mandag den 16. juni 2014

It is now!

One final post from me!   I couldn't resist getting up at stupid-o-clock one last time to open a few nets before Hans comes and takes me to the train station and away; 'extracurricular' birds this morning comprised 2 Starlings, juvenile Blackbird and White Wagtail, a Linnet, a Chaffinch and single Marsh Warbler, Reed Warbler, Blackcap and Garden Warbler.

White Wagtail
Well, that's it, all over!   Its been a fun three months here at the station, thanks for reading my nonsense, the next post will probably be back in Danish!
Simon Davies

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Asger Lykkegaard sagde ...

Hi Simon

Thanks for all your posts. It's been great to follow your daily experiences!

I was the ringer at the station in the spring of 2010 and had a great time.

Hope you enjoyed your stay at Gedser.

Best wishes
Asger Lykkegaard