søndag den 15. juni 2014

They think its all over...

After staying up to watch England's promising, yet ultimately disappointing World Cup opening game last night and pushing right through to open the nets just an hour or so after the final whistle I was hoping for some reward especially as it was the final official, standardised session of the spring!   It ended up producing a typical 12 new birds with a nice spread of species comprising 3 Icterine Warblers, a Marsh Warbler, a female Common Rosefinch with a huge brood patch, 2 Blackcaps, a Garden Warbler, a Whitethroat, a Willow Warbler, a juvenile Blackbird and another still fluffy, short billed young Treecreeper - the third one in the last week, perhaps all from the same brood?

One of a pair of Swallows that has been hanging around the station for ages now without seemingly wanting to get down to breeding - I've put out trays of nice, wet mud for them to use and created some cosy nest site ideas for them but you can't help some people!
Louis scored with a Shorelark out on the tip in the morning - a nice interlude from the steady stream of drake Eiders pouring back west almost constantly through the day!

Buff Tip

Poplar Hawkmoth

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