mandag den 3. august 2015

Interesting species


Me again :) Today, after a lot of days, I have added two species to my list. One of both, totally new!!! The other one, very common in Spain, but the first time I caught that here :) 
Three ringers of three different nationalities working together...A danish boy, a English boy and a Spanish girl :D Funny. 

The results of today: 
Nattergal/ Thrush Nightingale1
Rødstjert/ Redstart 2
Solsort/Blackbird 1
Kærsanger/ Marsh Warbler14
Rørsanger/ Reed Warbler 1
Gulbug/Icterine warbler 7
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 33
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 12
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 3
Gransanger/ chiffchaff 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 2
Stær/ Starling 1
Gråspurv/ House Sparrow 1
Tornirisk/ Linnet 1
Total: 80 birds!! of 14 species. Great. 

Thank you Anton and Craig for ring with me. 
My new species: Totally new the Nattergal, the bird and a detail of the wing: 

And the common specie in Spain, Gråspurv: 

Are they beautiful, true?:)

More, tomorrow:
Lyd ;)

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