tirsdag den 18. august 2015

Wintry winds

Apologies for the lack of posting the last days. To sum up ever so briefly, it's been windy. Far too windy to safely catch birds, excepting a yellow wagtail caught in a walk-in trap by the pond. It hasn't however been all that bad; with such a wind birding at the tip has been a little more fruitful than late.

Duck numbers are really upping now with Pintail and Wigeon starting their migration too. Skua numbers are building too with 9 Arctic is the time I've been watching over the last two days.

Highlights have been two Blå kærhøg (Hen Harrier), an adult female migrating yesterday and an old adult male today. Dværgfalk (Merlin), again 2, one yesterday and one today. Shoveler in decent numbers yesterday with 129 and Preben counted a little over 800 teal today, though by the time I arrived it had all but finished. The early bird gets the worm!

Today we had a lovely visit from Christian and Bender, it was great to sit and chat over coffee and cakes, thanks so much for that, and I hope we see you again soon!

Tomorrow the wind is to die down and we will again open the nets, fingers crossed for some new in birds, I'm sure there will be, though many birds from previous days seem to still be around, with thrush nightingales heard on and off all day today!

As Lydia says, tomorrow, more and better!

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