lørdag den 8. august 2015

Rainy day


After a lot of days with lot of sun, today has been raining a lot in Gedser. Not ringing day today. And nothing very interesting at the tip either. 

But anyway, is a very special day. Today, 8th of August, It has been two months now since I arrived here :D
Two months with a lot of good experiences, lot of new people, and the most important thing: Lot of new birds ringed, and new species for me. Thank you very much to all people that make me feel like in home, day after day. 

I would like say thank you to Craig Brookes too. We are learning a lot each other.
And of course, Tak!!!!! and Good bay Anton, you has been a really good helper this days. You are a really nice boy, and someday you´ll be a very good ringer. I´m absolutely sure. 

That´s all for today, I hope it will be better tomorrow, if the weather permits, of course. 
Lyd ;)

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