søndag den 2. august 2015


Hello everybody!!!

Migration has started and we are catching a lot of birds this days in the nets. And we can do a very interesting observations at the tip, too. The birds have started their travel to the new areas where they can stay all the winter. 
It´s specially beautiful for me, because lot of them are starting their travel to Spain :) Munks, Løvsanger, Gardesanger...some of them are going to stay in Spain all the winter. I can say to them "see you soon in my country :) !!"  Just in a month I will be in my country again too.

The results of today:

Hvid Vipstjert/ White wagtail 1
Husrødstjert/ Black redstart 1
Kærsanger/ Marsh warbler 9
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 12
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 10
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 6
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 4
Skovsanger/ Wood warbler 3
Gransanger/ chiffchaff 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 4
Musvit/ Great tit 1
Skovspurv/ Tree sparrow 1
Grønirisk/ Greenfinch 2
Stillits/ Goldfinch 1 
Tornirisk/ Linnet 2
Total: 58 new birds + 15 recaptures= 73 birds!!! and lot of different species. Great :)

One very special think  of the recaptures is that give us a lot of information of the bird, for example: Yesterday we caught a Gulbug 2k+ with ring 9AC3485. When we put that date in the computer...surprise! That bird was ringed at 24th of July of 2013!! Near of 2 years ago. At it was ringed like a 1k. This Gulbug was born in that garden, has traveled a lot...and it´s here again, breeding :) It´s beautiful.  
Another example: A Tornirisk, caught yesterday too, 2k+, ringed here in that garden just one year ago. 

The Stillits of today:

More and better, tomorrow!!!! 
Lyd ;)

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