torsdag den 28. april 2016

Looking forward for the first Common Whitethroat

Despite the unfavourable weather forecast for this morning, all nets but one were opened and we managed to carry on all the standard ringing without any break due to the rain.  After the last few days with strong North winds, we are slowly coming back on track with just 24 birds ringed today. The highlight species for today were 2 Willow Warblers, 4 Blackcaps and 1 White Wagtail.  

Furthermore,  it has been observed  a change on the trend of species ringed; with an increasing number of new Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps ringed at the same time as the number of  Robins ringed has decreased. This may mean that  migration is moving on, bringing new species around Gedser Area. Moreover, the Dunnock are still being one of the most abundant species ringed.

In addition, the first Common Whitethroat has been spotted briefly around the garden. Hopefully, tomorrow we' will trap one at least!!!!! Along with others new species for the season, such as Wryneck or Beaters- I am just a dreamer and optimistic person. So, let’s to dream awake!!!! Who knows what we will spot /ring tomorrow!!!!  ;). 


Total: 24
Hvid Vipstjert/White Wagtail - 1
Jernspurv / Dunnock - 7
Rødhals / Robin - 1
Solsort / Blackbird - 1 
Munk / Blackcap - 4
Gransanger / Chiffchaff - 6
Løvsanger / Willow wabler - 2
Tornirisk / Linnet - 2

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