mandag den 10. november 2014

And then there were two...

There was a bit more activity in the garden this morning compared with the last two days, the wind wasn't too strong and we were able to open most of the nets again.

We beat yesterdays total on the first two net round alone were we extracted over twenty goldcrests (fuglekonge)! However this trend didn't last and things started to slow down at around 9 o'clock. We continued to catch goldcrests, however they were all already caught today!

While it seems the robins have left us, with only one ringed bird in the nets today, we had quite a nice variety of birds this morning. Quite a few bullfinch (dompap), a treecreeper (træløber), a chaffinch (bogfinke), a brambling (kvækefinke), a few redpoll (gråsiskin) and what was probably the last chiffchaff (gransanger) of the season. All up a total of 63 birds, pretty good considering the low numbers of the past couple of days.

The end of standard ringing was also the end of Johan's time here at Gedser as he set out on a long drive home to Jutland. We're defiantly going to miss him and his passion for birding. Hopefully some of his good luck for catching unusual birds stays with us until the end of the season!


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