torsdag den 13. november 2014

Fistfuls of Fugles

The wind was quite strong yesterday, and we weren't able to open the nets for standard. It calmed down in the late afternoon, and we set up the owl nets hoping we would get another chance to catch a Tengmalm's. But alas, we caught nothing. However, we did see a Tengmalm's and a long-eared flying around, so there is hope yet.

When we woke up this morning, the wind was calm and it seemed rather quiet. So, over-enthusiastically we set up all the nets we could. On our first round we were surprised to find the nets filled with gold-crests (fuglekonge)! All morning the gold-crests rained from the skies into our nets. Joe and I wondered, where do they all keep coming from?! By the end of standard we had banded 295 goldcrests (fuglekonge), out of a total of 318 birds. Phew!

The few other birds that landed in the nets included the usual suspects, robins (rødhals), wrens (gærdesmutte) and bluetits (blåmejse). However, Joe and I also caught our first fieldfare (sjagger)!

Fieldfare Turdus pilaris  
Although today was exciting, and made up for our lack of birds yesterday, we hope tomorrow is a little more calm. Personally, I am a little fugled-out. 


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