lørdag den 1. november 2014

An oddly quiet morning with blackbirds...

Despite very calm conditions this morning there weren't an awful lot of birds around today. We were expecting to be blown away by vast quantities of goldcrests (fuglekonge) again, instead there were only a couple of dozen birds per net round.

Although the birds weren't around in the same abundance of yesterday, there was a fair bit of diversity. Lots of blackbirds (solsort) this morning though, we had five in a single net at one point, and we also caught quite a few treecreepers (træløber). We also caught small numbers of bluetits (blåmejse), great tits (musvit), siskin (grønsisken) and redwings (vindrossel).

The highlight of the morning was bird with a ring from Stockholm, sporting the colours of the Swedish flag.

A bluetit - Cyanistes celruleus (2k+), ringed in Sweden.

There was a surprising catch late this afternoon, Anders walked in with a fieldfare (sjegger)! A first for the season (as far as I'm aware!).

The owl nets are up again tonight. Here's hoping we catch some more long-eareds or maybe something a bit different!


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