lørdag den 15. november 2014

Last Day of Fall 2014

Our last official banding day here at Gedser turned out to be a bit of a flop. The winds have been strong all day, and have continued to pick up. We were able to open up the sparrowhawk nets and managed to catch one! A first year male, was our last bird of the year! As far as last birds go, that is not too bad at all.

Young Male Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus

Overall, this season has been more than a success. Gedser has banded 13,119 birds for the fall season, the third busiest year of all time! Many species have broken records here at Gedser this year, including songthrush (sangdrossel), robin (rødhals), chiffchaff (gransanger), wren (gærdesmutte), long-tailed tit (halemejse), and redstart.(rødst jert). However, it was a lower than average year for bluetits (blåmejse). It has been a huge year for goldcrests (fuglekonge), with 4,087 in fall alone, and the highest totals in November, at 715 birds. Treecreeper (træløber) totals also broke a record, with 81 in total, and 73 in fall alone. Sparrowhawk (spurvhøg) totals were also high, with 124 in total, close to beating Gedser's record. Numbers of long-eared owls (skovhornugle) have increased, with 11 this year.  

As far as our time here, we could not have asked for a better season. The warm weather has been wonderful, and we have seen and banded more birds then we ever expected! We would like to thank everyone who has come through Gedser, for making this experience the best it could be. We will be sad to leave here, but hopefully we can return again! We will miss Danish food before too long, so I imagine we will be back in no time.

Abbi & Joe

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