tirsdag den 11. november 2014


A thick fog descended over Gedser this morning and the birds didn't seem to like it! With little wind and a couple of dozen birds on the first couple of net rounds we thought we were in for a busy morning, however when the fog rolled in at around 9 bird activity stopped all together.

Nothing out of the ordinary today birdwise, a few goldcrests (fuglekonge), a siskin (grønsiskin), greenfinch (grønirisk), chaffinch (bogfinke) and blackbirds (solsort).

We were expecting a dull day spent inside but Gert came to the rescue and took us on a trip to Lolland! We went to Maribo nature reserve and saw White-tailed Sea-eagles, Great Egrets, and many species of duck including a bunch of Smew a bird that we both very much wanted to see!
Maribo Nature Reserve

After we were treated to dinner and ice cream and a chance to see many many moths! Thanks Gert!


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