søndag den 29. marts 2015

Rained out

Anders and I were ready for a good session of ringing this morning - so ready that we accidentally woke up an hour too early due to alarm confusion with daylight saving starting today. After going back to bed for an hour, we again got up to find that we were not able to open the nets due to rain and wind, which continued for the rest of the morning. A shame being the last ringing session for Anders' stay at the station (though at least he got to see his King Eider yesterday!).

The weather cleared around midday, and just in time for us to open the nets for a couple of hours to catch a few birds to show to the Eider tour which Hans and Gert were guiding. We demonstrated the ringing of a couple of Dunnocks and a Firecrest, and the tour group had the opportunity to see the birds up close.

This afternoon I said goodbye to Anders, who is off to continue his birding in the north. It was great to ring with both Anders and Rune, and I've really appreciated their time and expertise given over the past few days.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking any better than today's, but you never know - fingers crossed I'll be able to open the nets!

Lizzy Joyce

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