lørdag den 11. juli 2015

Danish birds and danish food

Good morning!!!

Yesterday was a very intense and beautiful day for me. Very windy day, buy at least, sunny, without rain. Last day of birding for Rasmus, our captures were:

Husrødstjert/ Black redstart 1
Sangdrossel/ Song Thrush 1* New specie for my list!!!! Very common in Spain, but my first ringed here :)
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 1
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 2
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 2
Munk/ Blackcap 1
Tornirisk/ Linnet 5

Total: 13 birds of 7 species + 13 recaptures = 26 birds :D

First, I would like to say good bay to Rasmus, it has been a pleasure for me teach you some birds things. I hope that it has been a great experience for you, and I hope see you again!!!

Besides, yesterday I lived a very special evening, because a nice couple of birdwatchers invited me to their home to taste typical danish food :D Thank you very much for all, the food was delicious. I love Danish food!!!

Not only about food was the evening hehehe, we went to see some Tranes :D they are absolutely beautiful, rares for me, I only can see them in my country in migration time. We could see few of them,. including a cute chick. Thank you very much!!!!

Lyd ;)

2 kommentarer:

Kristian sagde ...

Dear Lydia.
It was a pleasure to have your visit yesterday. I know that we enjoyed just as much as you did.
I loved to show you all the birds we saw, especially the crane chick.
By the way your small friends, the baby musvits, only stayed in their box for you to see them. This morning they were gone.
See you soon.

Gedser Fuglestation sagde ...

I know that my baby musvits will be fine :) They are strong.
Really hope to see you soon, please give regards to your wife of my part. Big big big hugs for both :)