onsdag den 29. juli 2015

Danish, English and Spanish.

...and a lot of wind, of course.
Hello everybody!!
That has been the ringing session of today, Craig, Anton and I (Lydia), each one of one different country hehehe. That station is international. :D

Windy but dry day, not some many birds at the nets, hope tomorrow it will be better (if the weather permits, of course...), results of today:

Hvid Vipstjert/ White wagtail 1
Husrødstjert/ Black redstart 1
Solsort/ Black bird  2
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 3
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 1
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 1
Gransanger/ Chiffchaff 1
Tornirisk/ Linnet 4
 Total 14 birds + 7 recaptures = 21 birds. Good for a really windy day :)

No photos today, sorry. 
I would like to say Thank you to Craig and Anton, you´re great boys, Tak for your help :) It´s nice to have people in home. 

More, and better ( I hope, cross your fingers) tomorrow. 

Lyd ;)

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