onsdag den 15. juli 2015

Preparing the garden to the next ringing season


Last week before standardized time start again. It begins next Monday, so, we are doing all the things to prepare the garden to the new ringing season :)

We have had 3 days of intense garden work. The garden is enormous and the plants grow very very fast!!! No ringing those days, just taking care of the garden.

I would like to say thank you to Hans, Benny, Gert, and Jan for help me with the hard work!!! We have done a great job. It´s not finished, but, I only need to cut the grass, and all thing will be done.
Part of  the team (Hans was doing the photos, and Jan in the opposite part of the garden):

My friends, not only plants this time!! I love butterflies too, and Hans and Gert are teaching me a lot of your Danish butterflies and Moths :) Thank you very much!!! Tak!!Yesterday I was in Gert´s house, and he explain me a lot of different and interesting things! Your collection is amazing, Gert. He and his wife, invited me to eat another delicious Danish food. Now I can say again: I LOVE DANISH FOOD!!!! :D Tak. 

Lyd ;)

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