onsdag den 22. juli 2015

The wait...and the results!!!


Friends, yes, today, finally, after a lot of days hearing this cute bird singing at the top of the trees...today...he was into the net!!!! My dear yellow hammer :) 

Today has been a really good day, with lot of sun, and no wind. 

The results: 
Hvid vipstjert/ White wagtail 1
Hursødstjert/ Black redstart 1
Rødstjert/ Redstart 1
Sangdrossel/ Song thrush 1
Gulbug/Icterine warbler 6
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 3
Munk/ Blackcap 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 1
Tornirisk/ Linnet 3
Gulspurv/ Yellow hammer 1
Totall: 19 birds of 10 species + 2 recaptures= 21 birds :)

Here there are some photos of the really cute yellow hammer. What do you think? It isn´t?

"See" you tomorrow!!!
Lyd ;)

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