søndag den 14. juni 2015

Bird watching day

I´m here again. Today has been a very strange day to ringing. Early in the morning was raining, so, I couldn´t open the nets until 6:00, two hour later than normal time!! And I had a very windy, cloudy and cold day. Only in the last round the sun was shinning. But the wind continued.

With this conditions the ringing hasn´t been very good:
- Tornsanger/ White throat 4
- Munk/ Blackcap 1
- Rødrygget Tornskad/ Red baked- shrike 1 (NEW SPECIE FOR ME!!!! :D so beautiful, a male)
- Skovspurv / Treesparrow 1

I alt: 7 birds of 4 species + 1 recapture

At the end of the session has come Gert (Thank for your visits ), and we have gone to the southest point of Denmark, a really interesting place :) Here was Louis Hansen seeing birds.

Together we have enjoyed of a really grateful time of bird watching. We have seen a lot of new raptors for me (I will show you in next chronicles, I promise), and a lot of beautiful birds. I have enjoyed of the bird watching a lot, I really hope that we will repeat next weekend. I´m crossing my fingers!!!! :D Thank you very very very much, Louis, for your lessons, and for your patience with mi English :) I´m improving it.

Today I don´t have much time, but my next chronicle will be better.

"See" you tomorrow, if the weather let me :(

Lydia ;)

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