lørdag den 13. juni 2015

Very special bird

Good night every body!!

It´s  raining in Gedser now!! I hope tomorrow it will stop. I really wanna ring. 
Today has been a great ringing day for me, for different reasons:
a) I have caught one specie that was new for me. I have never ringed it before, here or in spain. My first Spætmejse!!!
b)Today I had a lot of visits...A father with his daughter (Anders and Liu), thank you for the visit, and for your help, Louis Hansen (Thank you for your advises, I hope to go to see birds with you someday), Gert (thanks for the photos of seals!! the morning is always funny with you), and sorry very much, there was another men, but I can´t remember his name, thanks for the help to you too.And thanks to everybody with the help with the Spætmejse. 

Ringings of today:
- Solsort/ Blackbird 2
- Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 3
- Tornsanger/ White throat 1
- Munk/ Blackcap 2
- Løvsaner/ Willow warbler 1
- Spætmejse/ Wood nuthatch 1
- Bogfinke/ Chaffinch 1
- Grønirisk/ Greenfinch 1
 I alt: 12 birds of 8 species +2 recaptures. 

My new specie :)
I continue increasing my list!!
More, and better, tomorrow

Lyd ;)

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