torsdag den 11. juni 2015

Spanish girl in Fuglestation

Hello !!

Today has been my first day alone at GFU, and it has been a good day, with a lot of birds flying and singing. It´s breeding time!!! :D Early we will see a lot of young birds in this place.

The station is beautiful, with a lot of colored flowers and sunny whole day.

The ringing session has been really well, with 17 new birds of 10 species, + 3 recaptures. So, 20 birds in total:
- Hvid Vipstjert- White wagtail 2
- Jernspurv- Dunnok 1
- Rødhals- Robin 1
- Rørsanger- Reed warbler 2
- Gulbug- Icterine warbler 4
- Gæardesanger- Lesser whitethroat 1
- Tornsanger- White troat 1
- Havesanger- Garden warbler 2
- Gransanger- Chif chaf 2
- Løvsanger- Willow warbler 1

Wonderful day :) If someone would like to visit me here, I will be happy.


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