mandag den 22. juni 2015

Raininig and gardering day

Hola everybody!!!!
 Here we are Henrik and Lydia.  Today has been a raining day, so we couldn´t ringing today, it has been so windy too. But, in the other hand, we could do the gardering :D
 Now the garden is beautiful (Thanks Henrik, you are the boss).

After a hard journey of gardering we have gone to Gedser to take a beer, and SURPRISE!!! In the bar was a spanish song, better, a Christmas spanish song!!! Incredible. " Los peces en el riooo...pero mira como beben por ver al Dios nacido...." That´s the destiny hehehe

It´s to late, and tomorrow we want ring Kestrell and commorants with Hans ( thank you Hans).

"See" you tomorrow :)

Lydia and Henrik

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