onsdag den 17. juni 2015


Yesterday 0, Today, 2x1 :D

Well, Hola again everybody. These days I´m not going to ring every day, because I have a lot of free days to do another things. I will ring, yes, but only some days. I would like to continue learning, and ringing new species.  Today,  has been my first free day, and Gert, Hans and I, have gone to Rødsand to see breeding birds. It has been a fantastic experience for me.
Thank you very much, Hans and Gert, for all.

I have learned a lot, the travel with the team of Save and Rescue (SaR) has been so funny, and I have seen 4 new species for me :D here I put the list with the species that I have seen. (I put a "'*" on my new species):

- Svartag (L. marinus)
- Sølvmage (L.argentatus)
- Stormmåge (L. canus)
- Hættemåge (C. ridibundus)
- Knortegås (B.bernicla) *
- Stor præstekrave (C.hiaticula)
- Sandløber (C.alba)
- Almindelig ryle (C.alpina) *
- Dværgryle (C.minuta) *
- Dværgterne (S.albifrons)
- Splitterne (S. sandvicensis)
- Havterna (S.paradisaea) *

First, I´m so sorry if any Danish name is not well wrote, I´m learning, if you want to correct me, I will be very grateful.

These are the main species, I think, I have seen another, more commons.
Thank you again.

Lyd :)

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