fredag den 15. juni 2012

Det sluttede med Flodsanger

Today was the last day of the Spring ringing campaing at GFU.
Despite the capture rate was similar to the average of the last weeks, it was a amazing day, with the unexpected capture of a River Warbler, and in the last hour of the standart time, also a Marsh Tit. A few more interesting details about today, that are detailed in the front of the ringing results, the retraps, as usual between parentheses:

Havesanger Sylvia borin - 1 (1)
Munk Sylvia atricapilla - 2 (0)
Tornsanger Sylvia communis - 4 (1)
Gaerdesanger Sylvia curruca - 1 (1) - capture of a juvenile that can barely fly
Kaesanger Acrocephalus palustris - 2 (0)
Gulbug Hippolais icterina - 1 (0)
Flodsanger Locustella fluviatilis - 1 (0) - first capture of the year (a bird that left a smile on my face)
Løvsanger Phylloscopus trochilus - 1 (0)
Sumpmejse Poecile palustris - 1 (0) - very young bird
Karmindomap Carpodacus erythrinus - 2 (1) - including a female  with an active brood patch

Total - 16 (4)


2 kommentarer:

Gedser Fuglestation sagde ...

Hello Lois

Wonderful way of closing the spring season. How many species did you manage to ring while here at Gedser? Did you reach your personal goal of 150 species in total?
Many warm thanks and greetings, Louis

Gedser Fuglestation sagde ...

Hi Louis

I really don't know how many I have ring since I arrived, but so far, 15 species were new. The River warbler was the number 150 and the Marsh tit was also new to me, so I have already passed my goal :)