onsdag den 31. oktober 2012

Tails from Sweden

This morning the ringing was exceptionally quiet, the wind ripped through but I managed to get enough nets up to fulfill standardised ringing. Only 7 Birds were newly ringed today. 2 Blackbird, 1 Chaffinch, 1 Bullfinch, 1 Blackcap, 1 Robin, 1 Long-tailed tit. Interestingly the Bullfinch seemed of the "Northern" variety but then started trumpeting whilst in the hand. It measured large too, wing 92mm and weight 29.6 grams. I now suspect it was from the East?

Another interesting thing today is that we controlled 5 Long-tailed tit from Sweden (in 1 net) each had consecutive ring numbers. CS80031-35. I suspected these were from Falsterbo, but it seems not. It will be interesting to find out when and where they were ringed and so we can see how fast these birds are migrating, that is one of the great things about marking and re-capture in bird ringing.
Long-tailed tits

The photo above shows 2 races of Long-tailed tit, plus a hybrid type; not today's photo. Observation wise it was quiet with a single Waxwing over the garden and Ca 1000 Fieldfare and some Redwing mixed in!

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

tirsdag den 30. oktober 2012

Empty nets

This morning was the quietest morning for a good while. After yesterdays storm and rain just before and until a little after dawn I had expected maybe a few Robins in the garden. That didn't happen. Instead, we ringed 15 birds in the entire session. 4 Great Tit, 3 Blackbird, 3 Siskin, 3 Goldcrest and singles Blue Tit and Goldfinch. A Waxwing flicked around the garden but didn't get caught.

In the afternoon I took a couple of hours birding. Preben had told me he'd had a Serin but it didn't migrate. I picked it up just after 13:45; when it did migrate. The other highlights included Black-throated Diver (1), Twite 60+ also 2 SNOW BUNTINGS (1ST WINTER PAIR)

Snow Buntings male and female
Photo and Blog - Craig Brookes

mandag den 29. oktober 2012


Unfortunately there was no ringing this morning as the wind slammed hard against the Gedser coastline. Heather left late morning, thanks for all your help this season Heather, it's been great to have you. With no ringing and very windy conditions I thought a Sea-watch could be productive, I was wrong. A couple of hours at the point produced highlights of just 18 Wigeon, 2 Mallard, 1 Little Gull, 1 Scaup and a Peregrine.

A DIPPER was seen at the Southern tip today by Preben, it flew past him so closely that he couldn't get a picture of it. I however "dipped" it.

Hopefully this storm will pass before the morning though I don't expect a dawn start.

Windswept Gedser coast.
Blog and Photo: Craig Brookes

søndag den 28. oktober 2012

A successful day.

Last night we hosted an "Owl event" for local people to come and see Tengmalm's Owls. It was a great success with 3 Owls shown to the group and a further 2 caught after they had left. (5 in total, including a "Controlled" bird, ringed at Falsterbo this season).

Tengmalm's Owl
Thankfully after last nights Owls, Anders saved the day and said he could take the ringing session this morning! It was a bitterly cold morning and Anders and Heidi did a great job with handling all the birds. A couple of highlights for them made up for all their efforts. A Waxwing (Silkehale) was the 1st of the season and hopefully not the last and in the last round a Firecrest (Rødtoppet Fuglekonge). Anders and Heidi left after a few great days of ringing I really hope they enjoyed it as much as we did having them here! In the evening me and Heather walked along the coast route back from Gedser and whilst blundering along with our shopping I spotted a Barnacle Goose (Bramgås) getting close to a fence. I dropped the shopping and ran for it, after a short burst (All of my energy) I had caught the Goose. It was quickly ringed and released back onto the field before dusk, a first for Gedser I think?

Ringing totals. Waxwing 1, Wren 1, Dunnock 4, Robin 8, Blackbird 6, Fieldfare 1, Song Thrush 1, Redwing 1, Chiffchaff 1, Goldcrest 1, Firecrest 1, Long-tailed tit 28 (Nordlig and Sydlig) Blue tit 7, Great tit 3, Tree Sparrow 1, Greenfinch 4, Goldfinch 1, Siskin 2, Redpoll 1, Bullfinch 1 and as mentioned above Barnacle Goose 1.

Firecrest 1cy female
Waxwing 1cy female
Tomorrow is Heather's last day and she will head home after the ringing session. It's been fantastic having an experienced pair of hands around all the time and we've been able to keep up great standards of data collection thanks to her quick extraction and scribing rates. I'll be flying solo (almost) until the end of the Season.

Blog Craig Brookes
Photo's: Craig Brookes and Heather McGinty

lørdag den 27. oktober 2012

Lækkert vejr og besøg

Endnu en fin dag på Odden med 100 fugle i fangsten. Artsdiversiteten var ligesom i går ret stor, årstiden taget i betragtning. Af de lidt mere specielle fangster kan der nævnes: Stillits 10, Dompap 4 og Gråsisken 3.
En hel del folk har været på besøg i dag, og det har givet anledning til flere fremvisninger af 'håndfugle'. Vejret har været fantastisk, hvilket nok har lokket en del folk i felten.

Heidi og jeg ankom til stationen torsdag aften, med ønsket om at se eller fange en perleugle - det lykkedes i går nat. Fedt!
I nat satser vi stærkt på at kunne fremvise endnu en ugle eller to for de 20 deltagere til uglearrangementet!

Coal tit 1cy - Craig Brookes
There were also many Coal tits around today. Above is a picture from a few days ago when we caught some.

Photo: Craig Brookes
GFU-blog v. Anders Odd Wulff Nielsen

Late posting.

Apologies for the late posting on yesterday's news. In short 141 new birds. Blue tit 48, Blackbird 27 (a very good number), Goldcrest 12, Robin 9, Chaffinch 8, Bullfinch 6, Great tit 6, Dunnock 5, Wren 3, Greenfinch 3, Song thrush 2, Chiffchaff 2, Redwing 2, Brambling 2, Goldfinch 2, LONG-EARED OWL 1, Blackcap 1, Tree Sparrow 1 and after an incorrect weather forecast (again) we found it was calm enough to put some Owl nets up. We caught 1 Tengmalm's Owl as mention in the earlier post.

Above a picture of a pair of Bullfinches.

Notable sightings today include 2 Long-eared Owls, 1 GOLDEN EAGLE, 1 White-tailed Eagle, 50+ Common Buzzard, 30+ Rough-legged buzzards, 4 LAPWING, 6+ GREY PARTRIDGE were very odd indeed. A few Hawfinches and Bullfinches the only passerine highlights.

"Ugleaften" i morgen kl 21:00

 - der er stadig få pladser tilbage

Her under lidt 'dugfriske' fotos fra denne nats uglefangst

Perleugle 1K

Skovhornugle 1K han

Blog og fotos: Anders O. W. Nielsen & Heidi V. Frederiksen

torsdag den 25. oktober 2012


Today the wind was quite strong from the West. We set less nets than recent days. Still we managed 103 new birds. Blue Tit 26, Goldcrest 21, Dunnock 17, Chaffinch 8, Wren 7, Robin 7, Chiffchaff 4, Sparrowhawk 4, Bullfinch 3, Siskin 2, singles of Redwing, Blackbird, Fieldfare and Tree Sparrow.

Bullfinch 1cy female
Above a picture of one of today's Bullfinches, this a juvenile female.Other notable sightings included 24 Red Kites, 18 Cranes, 10 Common Buzzard, 6 Rough-legged Buzzard, 20 Sparrowhawks. 50 Common Scoter went passed the point in a brief Sea-watch, as did 7 Brent Geese, 10 Red-breasted Mergansers and 180 Eider.

Also a reminder that there will be an Owl event held at Gedser on Saturday 27th October starting at 21:00, there is a limited amount of spaces so please be in contact if you or anyone you know may be interested, contact details may be found on the homepage. The charge is 50DKr per person!

Photo: Heather McGinty
Blog: Craig Brookes

onsdag den 24. oktober 2012

Norwegian Tits and a Woodcock

Today was a little misty at first light. With a team of 4 we opened a few more nets than we normally would, it was quite a successful day. We ended the day on 229. Totals as follows, Sparrowhawk 4, Woodcock 1, Wren 5, Dunnock 22, Robin 34, Blackbird 12, Fieldfare 6, Song Thrush 5, Redwing 8, Blackcap 1, Chiffchaff 4, GOLDCREST 112, Blue Tit 7, Tree Sparrow 1, Chaffinch 4, Greenfinch 1, Siskin 2. We also controlled a Norwegian ringed Blue Tit. I have attached a picture of the new high net here at Gedser as work on it has just finished. Rune, with help from Gert has done a great job and today we caught around 40 birds in this net!

High-net Photo Rune Tjørnløv
Notable sightings today included an incredible 38 Red Kites in 1 flock returning off the sea. 1200+ Fieldfare. 29 Common Cranes, 1 Short-eared Owl and 1 Merlin.

Photo: Rune Tjørnløv
Blog: Craig Brookes

tirsdag den 23. oktober 2012

More of the same

Today was much as yesterday in terms of species around, only quieter. 68 birds in total were ringed today, totals as follows. Goldcrest 33, Robin 19, Blackbird 3, Chiffchaff 3, Dunnock 3, 2 of each Sparrowhawk, Wren and Song Thrush. A single Treecreeper was the first we've seen during October and only the 5th of the year. Unfortunately it didn't have short toes!
Treecreeper 1cy

Migration wise today quieter than yesterday 5 Red Kite, 40 Golden Plover, 4 Pintail, 3 Rough-legged Buzzards, 20 Sparrowhawks and the stars of the day, 4 LAPWING!

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

Crests and the rest

As the title suggests today was mainly about Goldcrests. We caught 112 birds in total and 61 of them were Goldcrest. Other birds today (yesterday now) Robin 18, Wren 6, Sparrowhawk 6, Blackbird 5, Great tit 4, Chiffchaff 3, 2 of each Dunnock, Song Thrush and Redwing and singles of Reed Bunting, Chaffinch and Blue Tit.

Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus, 1cy female

Sightings today included 15 Red kites, 3 Wood Lark, 44 Golden Plover, 1000+ Wood Pigeon, 780+ Fieldfare, 30 Redwing, 4 Red-throated Diver, 120 Common Scoter and 15 Brent geese. A Fulmar was seen from the South tip!

Photo: Heather McGinty
Blog: Craig Brookes

søndag den 21. oktober 2012

Owl fest

Last night we tried again to catch some Owls. We were very successful with 5 Owls caught during the night. 2 Long-eared Owls and 3 Tengmalm's Owl were ringed and more large owls were seen in the garden (Probably Long-eared). We closed the nets at 2 am as passerines were falling out of the gloomy night sky and I thought today's ringing would be much busier than in fact it was. With just 7 nets set today we managed 86 new birds.

Wren 10, Dunnock 1, Robin 18, Blackbird 1, Song Thrush 1, Redwing 3, Blackcap 1, Chiffchaff 5, Goldcrest 39, Blue tit 1, Great tit 1, Tree Sparrow 2, Chaffinch 1, Goldfinch 1 and Reed Bunting 1.

Long-eared Owl - Asio otus (Male left, female right)

Tengmalm's Owl - Aegolius funereus

I think today's ringing totals may have been affected by visitors wandering around the nets in the garden. I must urge the rules here at Gedser that visitors are more than welcome here but please follow the guidelines regarding where to walk. It is fine to walk through the garden along the access track but PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE NETTING AREAS.

Some good birds were seen today, Hawfinches, Yellowhammers, Bullfinches, Reed Buntings and Crossbills all in good numbers also a few Rough-legged Buzzards and Red Kites moved through. A Red-breasted Flycatcher was heard in the garden today also.

Photos and Blog: Craig Brookes

lørdag den 20. oktober 2012

Owls about that then.

Last night we finally broke the duck when trying to catch Owls. In fact, it was the most successful evening I can remember here at Gedser. In total we caught 1 Long-eared Owl and 3 Tengmalm's Owls. It was thought that there were at least another 2 Tengmalm's Owls sounding in the garden though these were not caught!
Long-eared Owl - Asio otus
Tengmalm's Owl - Aegolius funereus
This morning then we set limited nets after yesterday's Blue tit day. With only 4 nets open today we still caught 188 or so birds. Blue tits dominated with 113, Sparrowhawk 1, Wren 4, Robin 12, Chiffchaff 16, Goldcrest 39, Great Tit 1, Tree Sparrow 1, Chaffinch 1.

Migration was superb today with 20 Rough-legged Buzzards, 12 Buzzards, 4 Red Kite, 100+ Sparrowhawk, 3 Woodlark, 2 Ringed Plover, 1 Grey Heron, 1 SERIN, 8 Crossbill. Chafflings were well into the 1000's today and Greenfinch, Siskin and Goldfinch each into their 100's.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

fredag den 19. oktober 2012

The Blue carpet.

The title of today's blog refers to the mass of Blue tits that swept through the garden today. Luckily we were a few more hands than normal and Benny, Gert and Hans all joined to help with the birds. In total today we ringed 815 birds. 657 of these were Blue Tits. Other were 103 Goldcrest, 21 Great Tit, 7 Chiffchaff, 6 Robin, 3 Chaffinch, 3 Siskin, 2 Wren, 2 Blackbird, 2 Song Thrush and singles of Sparrowhawk, House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Brambling, Redpoll and Bullfinch.

Blue Tit - Cyanistes caeruleus

Many birds migrated today also: Chafflings 2000+, Siskin, Greenfinch, Goldfinch each a few hundred. Crossbill 24, PARROT CROSSBILL 1, WOODLARK 1, Jay 150, Mistle Thrush 8. Rough-legged Buzzards 4, Buzzard 6, Red Kite 2, Sparrowhawk 50. A quick Sea-watch this evening produced 80 Wigeon, 18 Common Scoter, 100+ Eider, 3 Brent Geese, 2 Teal, 5 Golden Plover, Sandwich Tern 2 and 1 Dark morph ARCTIC SKUA.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

The Prediction

Yesterday, we hinted that there could be more Blue Tits on their way. This afternoon we were proved right! After a relatively slow start (30 or so birds) we were slowly pushed to the limit by Blue Tits appearing everywhere. We lost our nerve and closed many nets; just in time as a "Blue-blanket" swept through the garden very low for about 5 minutes, probably 1000 birds moved through. During the next 2 hours my notebook reads 3000+ Blue Tits. Large flocks drifted over the garden before turning round and heading inland, they'll be back tomorrow no doubt. Today then we suffered 212 Blue Tits plus 40 other birds, of note 3 Sparrowhawks, 2 Coal Tits, 1 Redpoll and 1 Blackcap. We also "Controlled" 2 Swedish ringed birds, 1 Blue Tit and 1 Great Tit. Below is a picture of a Redpoll, juvenile male.

Redpoll -Carduelis caberet

We were joined at ringing today by Nicholas and Clausjannic, both are training to ring and enjoyed their experience today. Clausjannic also began filming the day's work at Gedser.

Migration was heavy today with many finches passing low over the garden. Highlights were 8 Bullfinch, 2 Hawfinch and 14 Crossbill. Chafflings were into the 1000's and Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Siskin all in their hundreds. JAYS HAD A MASSIVE PUSH TODAY WITH OVER 150 MIGRATING

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

onsdag den 17. oktober 2012

Return of the Blue Tits?

This morning the ringing was fairly slow. Only 49 birds from 8 hours of nets open. The totals from today's ringing session were, Sparrowhawk 6, Robin 3, Blackbird 1, Goldcrest 2, Coal Tit 2, Blue Tit 29, Great Tit 4, Tree Sparrow 1, Greenfinch 1. The Blue Tits soon arrived in force around lunch time, luckily they stuck to one side of the garden and many flew straight over.

In the late afternoon Me and Craig went and watched migration at the point, some notable sightings were, 8 Common Scoter, 19 Wigeon, 84 Eider, 2 Red-Throated Diver, 1 Black-Throated Diver, 2 Brent Geese, 3 Black Headed Gulls, 2 Scaup and we were able to watch 2 Purple Sandpipers resting on the rocks. A grey seal also was a nice surprise.
Goldcrest - Regulus regulus

Above is a picture of one of the Goldcrest from recent days.

Photo:Asbjørn Jensen
Blog: Heather McGinty and Craig Brookes

tirsdag den 16. oktober 2012

Jay day

This morning ringing was quiet, as was migration. 1 species however turned up in force, the Jay. At least 90 Jays were noted passing before midday. Ringing as mentioned was slow, 34 new birds is all.
Blue Tit 6, Goldcrest 4, Robin 4, Sparrowhawk 4 and JAY 4, 3 of each Great Tit and Song Thrush and singles of Wren, Dunnock, Chiffchaff, Chaffinch, Redpoll and Bullfinch. Rune also joined the ringing today and with his help we were able to measure all birds fully. Below is a picture of 1 of today's 4 Jays.

Jay - Garrulus glandarius
Notable sightings today: 90+ Jay, Common Buzzard 6, Red Kite 1, Raven 4. Grey Wagtail 1 over the garden. 

Gert and Rune started the work on a new elevator net. Rune's friend came to stay at the station. Jon left mid morning, hopefully he enjoyed his stay here. We must thank Jon for all of his migration counts over the past few days as very few people brave the conditions as he did.

Photo: Heather McGinty
Blog: Craig Brookes

mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Mr Grey

Today there was no standardised ringing due to really wet conditions at dawn and for most of the morning. At around 11 o'clock we managed to open a few nets before the wind picked up too much. We ringed 49 birds in total today, Goldcrest 20, Blue tit 9, Great tit 6, Robin 4, Chiffchaff 3, Song Thrush 2, Dunnock 2, Sparrowhawk 1, Reed Bunting 1 and bird of the day Great Grey Shrike. Below is a picture today's Great Grey Shrike (Stor Tornskade)

Great Grey Shrike - Lanius excubitor

Purple Sandpiper - Calidris maritima

Other interesting observations today include 3 Tree Pipit (Late), 3 Bullfinch, 3 Grey Wagtails, 17 Red Kites, White-tailed Eagle and a Purple Sandpiper.

Photos: Heather McGinty (Great Grey Shrike) & Jon Friis (Purple Sandpiper)

Blog, Craig Brookes

Weekend - fugletræktur med GFU

Søndag den 14. oktober 2012
Trods en kold og våd morgen og formiddag mødte 16 personer op til søndagens arrangement med Gedser Fuglestation.

Copyright @ Gert Jeppesen

Copyright @ Gert Jeppesen

Hundredevis af ederfugle trak forbi Odden - nogle flokke helt tæt på kysten.

Ederfugle - de sort-hvide er ældre hanner. Copyright @ Gert Jeppesen

En anden Gedser specialitet der også blev set var dværgmågen - også her var deltagerne heldige med at de kom helt tæt forbi kysten.
Dværgmåge - sort vingeundersider fortæller os det er en ældre fugl. Copyright @ Hans Lind. (Arkiv foto)

Håber alle havde en dejlig dag.

Mvh, Gedser Fuglestation (Hans Lind, Gert Jeppesen og Benny Steinmejer)

ps: nogle af dagens mange fugle er indtastet her [klik]: Dof-Basen

søndag den 14. oktober 2012

Wet and windy guiding.

After last night's failed attempt to catch Owls it was too windy and rainy this Am to catch anything. Instead we decided to join Hans, Benny and Gert with the tour group at the South tip. We found shelter by the new building as the wind and rain whipped across the peninsular; we had a couple of hours of nice birding here. Eider passed very close numbering close to 1000, with the at least 18 Long-tailed ducks showed well. Little Gulls passed close too with 45 noted in my book. Other highlights Black-throated Diver 2, Red-throated diver 3, Goldeneye 6, Scaup 1, Tufted Duck 26, Wigeon 15, Teal 6, Pintail 1, Mallard 4, Dunlin 1, Common Scoter 300+ and 19 Golden Plover. After the brief sea watch I noticed a large flock of Barnacle geese resting on the fields adjacent to the house 650 of them there were amongst them 3 Curlew. Below a photo of a Curlew resting up.


Photo: Heather McGinty
Blog: Craig Brookes

lørdag den 13. oktober 2012

Guided tour.

There was no ringing today due to horrible wind and rain until mid morning. We will however try for Owls tonight as there may be 1 or 2 Tengmalm's Owls lurking around.

The title of the blog refers to a chance to join in with guided tours here at Gedser tomorrow morning (14th October) from 8am onwards. The tour will involve a couple of hours migration watching from the Southern tip at Gedser and also a chance to see bird ringing in action. Prices are 30Kr per Adult, children go free. So if you have a free morning tomorrow please come down and support the work we do here.

Blackcap female, Sylvia atricapilla
Below is a picture from yesterday of a Blackcap we caught during our ringing session. There remains a few of them in the garden today also.

Interesting sightings today: 6 Curlew, 9 Red Kite. 30 Sparrowhawk. 400+ Barnacle geese.

Blog and Photo: Craig Brookes

fredag den 12. oktober 2012


Last night I attempted to catch Tengmalm's Owls for the first time this season, none were caught. However last night at Falsterbo they caught 30 Tengmalm's and the previous day at bingsmarken another 30 were caught so they should definitely be in Denmark by now. There were signs of a Teng in the garden but no proof unfortunately. This morning then after and clear calm night the nets were all opened. No birds were in the garden at first light and it was silent! The days ringing total finished on 39 new birds as follows. Goldcrest 24, Robin 4, Blue Tit 3, Chiffchaff 2, Wren 2, Song thrush 1, Great tit 1, Sparrowhawk 1 and Jay 1. Below is a picture of today's Jay.

Notable sightings were 17 Red Kites migrating.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

Flat calm

Today the weather was flat calm. The sea resembled a mirror and the sky was cloudless, no wind could be felt in the garden. I had a feeling many birds would have migrated overnight then. Migration was heavy over land and Sea and we ringed 95 birds as follows: Robin 22, Goldcrest 20, Wren 9, Chiffchaff 8, Song Thrush 7, Dunnock 7, Reed Bunting 5, Great Tit 5, Blackbird 4, Tree Sparrow 2, Redwing 1, Blackcap 1, Coal Tit 1, Chaffinch 1, Greenfinch 1, Redpoll 1. Below is a picture of today's Tree Sparrow.
Tree Sparrow 1cy+ Passer montanus

Migrating today; 6 Red Kite, 15 Common Buzzard, 3 Rough-legged Buzzard, 2 Kestrel and 23 Sparrowhawks were seen. Also 2500+ Eider, 8 Red-breasted Merganser, 300 Common Scoter, 10 White-fronted Geese. 380+ Barnacle Geese, 56 Brent Geese (29 Resting on the sea), 25 Greylag Geese and 5 Cranes. Finches moved in good numbers with Siskins and Chafflings dominating (500 or so of each). Redwing, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush and a few Fieldfare moved. 38 Jays were counted today, the biggest count so far this Autumn.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

onsdag den 10. oktober 2012

Almost perfect...

This morning there were many birds in the garden, we were very optimistic after seeing the first few nets sagging with birds, however rain came in too quickly and we resorted to drinking coffee and watching the rain hit the window. It was 10.30 before we opened the nets again and from here we only ringed until 2. 158 birds ringed today then, could have been much more had we kept all of our nets open and the rain didn't come. Robin 50, Chiffchaff 29, Song Thrush 24, Dunnock 15, Wren 9, Blue Tit 6, Goldcrest 6, Chaffinch 5, Great Tit 5, Reed Bunting 4, Tree Sparrow 2, Redwing 2, Blackcap 1 and Brambling 1. Thanks to Benny and Brian for their help today. It's always nice to have many hands to make light work of the birds.The picture of a Bullfinch below is not from today, but I have included it as many are starting to pass overhead now on their migration South.

Bullfinch 2cy+ Male
Other notable sightings today include 300 Barnacle Geese, 10 Whooper Swan and 380 Eider moving South. Also 3 Common Buzzards and 4 Red Kites seen by the garden.

Photo and Blog by Craig Brookes

tirsdag den 9. oktober 2012

Migration weather

It was clear at first light that over night the weather was perfect for migration, the garden was almost silent until around 9 am. Very quiet compared to recent days ringing also 62 birds only. Wrens were the most numerous with 20, Chiffchaff 14, Robin 7, Dunnock 5, Chaffinch 5, Song Thrush 3, Sparrowhawk 3, Blackcap 2 and singles of Redwing, Greenfinch and Blue Tit. A few hundred Blue tits passed over out of sight and only just audible. Redpoll and Bullfinch were noted moving over along with the commoner finches, Siskins, Crossbills, Chaffinch and Brambling. A few Red Kites were seen today also and Benny saw a Hen Harrier briefly out of the window. Below a picture of the under appreciated, yet humble Wren.
Wren - Troglodytes troglodytes - Craig Brookes

Photo and Blog, Craig Brookes

mandag den 8. oktober 2012

Moskva Musvit

Today was quieter than recently. 138 new birds is all. Blue tit dominated again with 46. Great tit 17, Dunnock 17, Wren 13, Chiffchaff 13, Robin 11, Chaffinch 5, Song Thrush 4, Tree Sparrow 3, Brambling 3, Sparrowhawk 2, Goldfinch 1, Reed Bunting 1. A control of another Swedish Blue tit was nice but the control of a RUSSIAN marked Great tit was exceptional, probably a first for Gedser and maybe significant in answering many questions about this Blue, Great and Coal Tit invasion from the East which has recently swept across Scandinavia. The bird in the spot light today is pictured below, looking like any other Great tit caught today, but very special indeed!
Great Tit - Parus Major. Adult female. Craig Brookes
A Nutcracker was seen in the garden (only briefly). Few Red Kites and Buzzards moved across to Germany in favourable conditions.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

søndag den 7. oktober 2012

Mountain Blackbird

It was clear from the weather last night that many birds attempting to migrate last evening would have been grounded in the early hours of the morning. A weather front came in from the South as expected at around 2am and by dawn it was clear many birds had been dropped! The nets were set and Robins whizzed around in the dark. 1st net round came and we checked the 11 nets we had up, most held a Wren or two and some Robins, also more Dunnocks than previous days. I approached the Sparrowhawk nets in the half light to see a thrush with a scaly underside, and there it sat. A young male Ring Ouzel.
Ring Ouzel, Juvenile Male - Craig Brookes
Sorry about the poor photograph, we were in some what of a hurry to shut nets as the hoards of Blue tits began to pipe in the air. I'd estimate over 1000 came into the garden today, only for 1 hour or so but luckily we had reduced to 2 10 metre nets, we did however catch 154 Blue Tit. The days ringing finished on 286, totals as follows. Blue tit 154, Great Tit 41, Chiffchaff 28, Robin 21, Wren 18, Dunnock 8, Song Thrush 4, Chaffinch 4, Coal Tit 2, Goldcrest 2, Redwing 1, Blackcap 1, RING OUZEL 1 and Sparrowhawk 1.

Other birds seen around today included: Honey Buzzard, Red Kite, Common Buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk (50+), Harrier Sp. (Not Marsh) seen briefly by Gert. Great Grey Shrike 1.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

lørdag den 6. oktober 2012

Rain stops play, temporarily.

When setting the nets predawn it was clear that there was many birds grounded due to last nights bad weather. Song Thrushes and Robins Ticked in the dark and some thrush sp. were whizzing around the Lighthouse. The day wasn't as busy as it could have been, had rain not put an end to the ringing mid morning. We did manage the standard 5 hours though, just. 90 birds caught today was reasonable including Chaffinch (30), Robin (17), Chiffchaff (10), Song thrush (7), Goldcrest (7), Dunnock (5), Blue Tit (only 4, plus a control of a Swedish ringed bird), Brambling (4), Blackcap and Wren (2), Blackbird (1) and a very unseasonal Redstart (1). Migration was halted by the reduction in visibility and rain and so around 200 Mistle Thrush were grounded around the Obs. A juvenile Marsh Harrier and a Jay the only other notable sightings.

Brambling 1cy Female

In the afternoon I opened 4 nets for an hour, well that was the plan. Within 20 minutes these nets had filled with Blue tits. The total of Blue tits then was pushed up to 83 plus another Swedish control. A Sparrowhawk attended the party too and I managed to grab him before he flipped out. Total birds at the day's end, 172!
Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes.

fredag den 5. oktober 2012

Pain games

This morning only limited nets were set due to the poor weather conditions; wind and potential to rain. It was a shorter session than recent days due to the rain coming in late morning. Still, we managed to ring 131 birds. Highest numbers were Blue Tit 39, Robin 26, Chiffchaff 25 and Goldcrest 15. We also caught 2 Sparrowhawks, 1 Kestrel and a Jay. (1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Kestrel and the Jay in 1 net round) Leaving my hands torn to pieces and cringing about the large flocks of Blue Tits flying around the garden. Below are some photographs of the birds dealing out the pain this morning.

Kestrel & Sparrowhawk

Jay 1cy female.
Photos and Blog: Craig Brookes

torsdag den 4. oktober 2012

More of the same

Today was rather busy, luckily we were joined by Benny and Gert who were to give a guided tour to some school children later in the morning, the extra hands were very welcome as Blue Tits arrived en masse. The ringing totals for today are as follows: Blue Tit 232, Robin 25, Great Tit 15, Chiffchaff 8, Goldcrest 5, Redstart 5, Dunnock 3, Chaffinch 3, Blackcap, Sparrowhawk and Song Thrush 2 each and a single Wren. Nets were taken down early due to rain. Notable sightings include 3 Marsh Harrier (Juveniles), 10 Jays and a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

1cy female Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus
Thanks again to Gert and Benny for their help. I hope their hands aren't as sore as mine and Heather's.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

onsdag den 3. oktober 2012

Lille Flug surprise.

Today, the ringing was quite successful. 283 New birds were ringed in Gedser of 15 Species. As to be expected Blue Tit were the highest number ringed at 142, followed by: Great Tit (33), Chiffchaff (31) Robin (24), Goldcrest (17), Coal Tit (6), Sparrowhawk (6), Redstart (5), Chaffinch (4), 3 of each Brambling, Blackcap, Song Thrush and Willow Warbler. 2 Wren and 1 Dunnock.

In the afternoon some cloud rolled in and amongst other birds, a Red-breasted Flycatcher arrived and sat showing very well by the wood shed. Lets hope tonight's rain keeps it here until the morning's ringing efforts. Until then my record shots of the bird will have to do. A Presumed 1st Calendar year male due to the tipping on Greater Coverts and the slight orangey buff colour on chest.

Henrik left us today, he's been a great teacher for me and Heather here in Gedser and we will sure miss him. 

Red-Breasted Flycatcher - Ficedula parva
Red-Breasted Flycatcher, Ficedula parva 1cy male?

Craig Brookes

Photo: Craig Brookes

tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

English Invasion

This morning we only set a few nets as we expected many Blue tits to arrive after the mass migration over Falsterbo recently. As the morning panned out it turned out to be not so bad, so we opened a few more nets throughout the day. Total birds ringed today was a respectable 133. A nice number to settle into for myself and Heather. Ringed today: Blåmejse 66, Gransangar 29, Musvit 15, Rødhals 8, Spurvehøg 6, Fuglekonge 3, Rødstjert 2, Gærdesmutte 1, Sangdrossel 1, Rørsangar 1, Grønirisk 1. There was some migration today but it was very slow, probably due to the wind. 50+ Spurvehøg, Lærkefalk 1 Juvenil, Hedelærke 1, Skovskade. A switch to English now, a few Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter, 250+ Eider, 11 Sandwich Tern, 250+ Cormorant passed but these are local movers.

Craig Brookes.

mandag den 1. oktober 2012

Blå mandag

Som forventet ville der komme en del i fangsten, men de 2 første runder var ret stille og med et rullede et blåt tæppe af blåmejser over hele stationshaven.
Et gæt vil være at fet par tusinde mejser kom gennem haven.
Heldigvis havde jeg kun sat 10 net op, men kunne hurtigt se at flere net måtte lukkes hvis jeg skulle kunne følge med.
Dagen endte på 339 ringmærkede fugle, heraf var 262 blåmejser og 30 musvitter og det kunne ses på mine blodige fingre som mejserne havde været hårde ved.
Fuglekongerne er så småt ved at komme i gang så nu må der gerne snart også være en af de hvidbrynede i nettet.
Til aften kom Gert med Craig og Heather som som skal være her det næste stykke tid.