søndag den 17. juni 2012

sidste dag

Tomorrow I will leave the station and I will go home. It was an amazing and extraordinary time that I spent here. Despite the low capture rate, I managed to ring 713 birds of 50 different species (15 were new to me). I wanna thank to all the people I met for their help, friendship, etc, etc... thank to all you guys for everything. Everything was extraordinary and I hope that you liked to have me here because I'd really like to come back again.
The ringing results from yesterday were the following (retraps between parentheses):

Gul Vipstjert Motacilla flava - 1 (0) - first capture of the year
Havesanger Sylvia borin - 0 (2)
Munk Sylvia atricapilla - 2 (0)
Tornsanger Sylvia communis - 3 (2)
Gaerdesanger Sylvia curruca - 0 (1)
Musvit Parus major - 0 (1)
Total - 6 (6)


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