lørdag den 30. november 2013

Årets vinter-projekt?

Nu er småfugletrækket så småt ved at stilne af, selvom der stadig er gang i gråsiskner og andre finkefugle. De fleste fuglestationer har også lukket ned for i år, og så er det på tide at kigge sig om efter nye projekter!

Jeg har i mange år haft lyst til at mærke nogle vandstære. I år er Lars Lindgren og jeg så endelig kommet i gang med det! Vi har besøgt en lang række lokaliteter i Københavnsområdet samt Nordsjælland, og det største problem har faktisk været at finde nogle vandstære.
Vi har i alt fundet 11 fugle og de 10 af disse er blevet fanget og ringmærket. Desværre har der endnu ikke været nogle fugle med ringe fra tidligere, men det kommer nok jo længere vi kommer hen på vinteren.

Da de få fugle, vi kan få fat i, ikke rigtigt kan bruges til det helt vilde, kunne det være rigtigt spændende om det kunne blive til et fælles vinter-projekt, hvor ringmærkere i forskellige dele af landet dækker deres vandstære-lokaliteter, og får ringmærket fuglene her. Det vil give et bedre overblik over, hvor mange vandstære der er rundt omkring samt, hvad der gemmer sig af fremmede ringe rundt omkring.

Det er utroligt nemt at fange og ringmærke vandstære, og jeg hjælper gerne med råd og vejledning til dem, der skulle have mod på det. Vandstær er også nemme at aldersbestemme da 2k+ fugle har brede og nærmest firkantede håndsvingfjer, mens 1k fugle har spidse og trekantede håndsvingfjer som også oftest ender i en lys spids.
De fleste kan også kønsbestemmes da fugle med vingelængde under 93mm er hunner og fugle med vingelængde over 96mm er hanner.
Jeg håber også, at fuglekiggerne vil hjælpe til og jeg høre meget gerne fra folk der har observeret vandstære rundt omkring. Send mig gerne en mail eller tast ind på dofbasen.dk
Håber at dette indlæg kan få flere ud og kigge på vandstære samt få nogle ringmærkere i gang med at ringmærke denne spændende art!
Jesper Brinkmann

onsdag den 27. november 2013

Radio interview


Today we didn't do anything...It was windy and drizzling. We didn't open any net, but a helpful day for the study. Hans called us to tell that will be a radio interview in the afternoon, so we made coffee and Hans brought a wonderful cake. The reporter was adorable with us, asking a lot of questions about the ringing station and us, and taking finally a very funny pictures. Thanks to come here, you will be always welcome!!

Unforgettable trip...


Before the sunrise we opened the owl nets just to try it....and a hare under one net was our only hope. The movement of birds finished really early, anyway we had opened nets until 11:30. Of course on the morning the best bird was one adult female SPARROWHAWK. We went to the tip and was interesting: 20 Velvet Scooter, some of them very near, 22 Whooper Swans, 60 Divers, some Mute Swan, Eiders, Long-tailed Ducks (from 12:15 until 13:10)...5 Grey Patridge over the field..On the afternoon we tried to go somewhere further on a path there is by the beach, but the Juho's bike got flat tire, so we came back walking from Gedesby. No more birds for the day!!

Gavilán, Accipiter nisus, 2K+ F 

Birds ringed during the day totaled 18 birds including:

Sparrowhawk 1
Blackbird 3
  Great Tit 1
  Treesparrow 1
Goldfinch 2
 Redpoll 3
Mealy Redpoll 6
Lesser Redpoll 1

mandag den 25. november 2013

Freezing but sunny day!


Second day since I am here was frozen everything in the morning. Not wind at all and sunny,

but empty nets...When we were taking the coffee outside we saw 2 GREAT WHITE EGRETS flying NW. Later on the tip we watched 6 Sanderlings, 1 White Wagtail, 1 Grey Plover, 3 Canadian Geese, 1 Red Kite, 3 Red-necked Grebes, 2 Little Gulls...plus the common ones here (We didn't count anything). A few Divers today, but we didn't check so much, the ones we saw were really far today.

Birds ringed during the day totaled 4 birds including:

  Dunnock 1
  Greenfnch 2
Siskin 1

Diver's day!


The morning began very well, with a lot of birds on the garden, quiet windy but not so much. The birds suddenly dissapeared, so finally we closed the nets and we went to the tip with Gert. The excellent number of 382 Divers, mostly part Red-throated, watched all of them by Juho! 2 Hen Harrier, Long-tailed Ducks, Eiders, Great Scaups, Tufted Ducks, Red-breasted Mergansers, Goosanders, Wigeons, Mallards, 5 Canadian Geese, 2 Red-necked Grebes, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 3 Sanderlings, Mute  and Whooper Swans, 3 Common Buzards and 1 PURPLE SANDPIPER!!
There was one Waxwing on the top of one tree at the garden....but of course....it flew somewhere else less in the nets.

Merisirri, Calidris maritima, 1K. Photo courtesy of Juho Könönen

Birds ringed during the day totaled 16 birds including:

Treesparrow 1
Siskin 8
Mealy Redpoll 4

lørdag den 23. november 2013


The day was very cold and quiet windy, but was a very good day, because the wonderful Juho Könönen arrived yesterday from Ottenby. He will pass with me the rest of the days I will be here. An excellent birder!! The best on the ringing was the adult female Sparrowhawk. After that we went to the tip and there were a lot of Divers everywhere. Juho noticed there was one bigger Diver with the some Red-throated, and it was a White-billed Diver!!! It crossed over us three times and we could watch it really well. An exceptional moment! Gert was there too enjoying this spectacle. There are photos on the gallery. We saw two Kittiwakes and the House Martin continued there.
We were invited to dinner by Louis to his house, being an excellent food with an excellent company, watching nice photos from Goa.

Birds ringed during the day totaled 4 birds including:

  Sparrowhawk 1
 Blackbird 2

 Mealy Redpoll 1


We tried early in the mornig before the sunrise catch owls opening the nets, but nothing happened. No wind and some Finches on the garden, so it was more diverse ringing. When the birds disappeared we took the bikes and we went to enjoy some Geese were this afternoon beside Gedser's village, Barnacle, White-fronted and Bean Geese were the flocks. Later we went to the harbour and there was a Purple Sandpiper and 4 Rock Pipits
At night we were trying the owl's cathing, but no way... 
Birds ringed during the day totaled 31 birds including:

Blackbird 4
Bluetit 1
Chaffinch 1
  Greenfinch 4
Goldfinch 2
Siskin 11
 Redpoll 3
Mealy Redpoll 11

fredag den 22. november 2013

And finally arrived.....


The first morning the nets are frozen! It looked very quiet, at the beginning almost only recaptures. Benny arrived with the lovely dog  and suddenly a small flock of Redpolls arrived in one of the high nets. Afther that some Siskins and more Redpolls arrived the same net. And I saw the bird, from far I could see that beautiful face with that bright white . We left the bird for the last one to process, and yes, it is an ARTIC REDPOLL. This was the best of the day, but the best ever was one young female Siskin after processed couldn't fly, we left in a branche, and after 5 min could fly!! Some Skylarks singing over the garden and on the afternoon  there were by the tip. I watched the House martin that continues there, but I can understand it, extrange but there were a lot of mosquitos!
Thank you Benny for the help! 

Clear white rumped, not streaks betwen.

Very white on the edge and fine streaks.

And of course that small red patch and the cute bill
 Birds ringed during the day totaled 58 birds including:
Robin 2
Common blackbird 1
Blue tit 2
  Siskin 9 
Common redpoll 3
Mealy redpoll 39
Lesser redpoll 1
Artic redpoll 1

onsdag den 20. november 2013

Some days ago.....


The weather was very good, opening the nets from the early morning, but we didn't catch so many birds. The wind began to come stronger

 Birds ringed during the day totaled 28 birds including

Eurasian sparrowhawk 1
Winter wren 1
Dunnock 1
Robin 1
Common blackbird 1
Blue tit 3
Greenfinch 2
Mealy redpoll 5
Lesser redpoll 4
Northern bullfinch 2
Western bullfinch 6
Yellowhammer 1

 On the afternoon we went to the tip, trying to catch snowbuntings, but nothing happened. Otherwise, we had a very nice dinner, Louis, Hans and Gert enjoyed us. We were for a while watching old pictures from years ago and from this season. Thank you to come here with us!


Now I present myself: I’m Barbara, the new ringer who arrived at Gedser Fuglestation. Like the birds I migrate from the north in autumn to skip the cold, having come from Ottenby, Sweden; where I spent two months ringing birds. I began being a birdwatcher around six years ago and from that moment I couldn’t stop birdwatching and ringing, I love it!!!!!
I spent several seasons at some ringing sites in Spain and last year I went Sweden for the first time to a place called the Sundre faglestation, Gotland.....I just loved it!  The northern Europeans birds are amazing and seabirds are particular favourite
I am from Spain, of course I like the warm places, but with my passion I have to make a comprimise. 

I will be here until the end of November, I hope to enjoy myself to the maximum here and I will try my very best to catch a Waxwing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace and love

Today was a very windy day and rainy, so not ringing. Lars, Jesper and Barbara went to catch ducks to Nykøbing and further: one black-headed gull, one moorhen, an awsome mallards, the first mallard for Gedser! Jack, Rael and Hugh went to the tip, being a good migration day for scoups. In the evening we all went to the tip to try to catch twites with a wader cage, speaker and the hope, but we couldn't, but almost!

Nice dinner like always. The weather at night changed and the wind stopped, so we could try for the owls opening the nets for some hours.


I woke up expecting rain, but no rain today finally! So, I could open some nets on the morning and catch always the interesting Redpolls, always with the hope in one Artic Redpoll, and two nice young females of Bullfinch.
Hans and Gert were trying the new machine to cut the wood in very small pieces for the paths. I went to the tip and I could spend a nice time with the Hans's telescope and the company of one very friendly man which I really don't know how to write his name (I am sorry...), but thanks for the company! He counted everything that crossed flying there.

Birds ringed during the day totaled 38 birds including:

Goldcrest 2
Greenfinch 1
Chaffinch 1
Siskin 10
Mealy Redpoll 17
Lesser Redpoll 3
Common Redpoll 2
Bullfinch 1
Northern Bullfinch 1

tirsdag den 19. november 2013

A quiet day


The whole morning was windy and no so much birds around, I could open only a few nets. Some flocks of Redpolls and a lot of Fieldfares! It wasn´t a very exciting catching. On the afternoon I could ride the bike somewhere near Gedser, and one flock of 300 Fielfares was over the plantations, plus Barnacles and White-fronted geese. There is a small harbour by Feriepark where I could see 3 Little grebes, 2 Common pochards, Coots and Tufted ducks. On my return I there were 9 Curlevs on the field near the station. And tomorrow it suppose to rain...Time to study!

Birds ringed during the day totaled 5 birds including:

Robin 1
Goldcrest 1
Mealy Redpoll 1
Lesser Redpoll 2