søndag den 7. oktober 2012

Mountain Blackbird

It was clear from the weather last night that many birds attempting to migrate last evening would have been grounded in the early hours of the morning. A weather front came in from the South as expected at around 2am and by dawn it was clear many birds had been dropped! The nets were set and Robins whizzed around in the dark. 1st net round came and we checked the 11 nets we had up, most held a Wren or two and some Robins, also more Dunnocks than previous days. I approached the Sparrowhawk nets in the half light to see a thrush with a scaly underside, and there it sat. A young male Ring Ouzel.
Ring Ouzel, Juvenile Male - Craig Brookes
Sorry about the poor photograph, we were in some what of a hurry to shut nets as the hoards of Blue tits began to pipe in the air. I'd estimate over 1000 came into the garden today, only for 1 hour or so but luckily we had reduced to 2 10 metre nets, we did however catch 154 Blue Tit. The days ringing finished on 286, totals as follows. Blue tit 154, Great Tit 41, Chiffchaff 28, Robin 21, Wren 18, Dunnock 8, Song Thrush 4, Chaffinch 4, Coal Tit 2, Goldcrest 2, Redwing 1, Blackcap 1, RING OUZEL 1 and Sparrowhawk 1.

Other birds seen around today included: Honey Buzzard, Red Kite, Common Buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk (50+), Harrier Sp. (Not Marsh) seen briefly by Gert. Great Grey Shrike 1.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

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