tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

English Invasion

This morning we only set a few nets as we expected many Blue tits to arrive after the mass migration over Falsterbo recently. As the morning panned out it turned out to be not so bad, so we opened a few more nets throughout the day. Total birds ringed today was a respectable 133. A nice number to settle into for myself and Heather. Ringed today: Blåmejse 66, Gransangar 29, Musvit 15, Rødhals 8, Spurvehøg 6, Fuglekonge 3, Rødstjert 2, Gærdesmutte 1, Sangdrossel 1, Rørsangar 1, Grønirisk 1. There was some migration today but it was very slow, probably due to the wind. 50+ Spurvehøg, Lærkefalk 1 Juvenil, Hedelærke 1, Skovskade. A switch to English now, a few Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter, 250+ Eider, 11 Sandwich Tern, 250+ Cormorant passed but these are local movers.

Craig Brookes.

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