fredag den 12. oktober 2012


Last night I attempted to catch Tengmalm's Owls for the first time this season, none were caught. However last night at Falsterbo they caught 30 Tengmalm's and the previous day at bingsmarken another 30 were caught so they should definitely be in Denmark by now. There were signs of a Teng in the garden but no proof unfortunately. This morning then after and clear calm night the nets were all opened. No birds were in the garden at first light and it was silent! The days ringing total finished on 39 new birds as follows. Goldcrest 24, Robin 4, Blue Tit 3, Chiffchaff 2, Wren 2, Song thrush 1, Great tit 1, Sparrowhawk 1 and Jay 1. Below is a picture of today's Jay.

Notable sightings were 17 Red Kites migrating.

Photo and Blog: Craig Brookes

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