lørdag den 23. november 2013


The day was very cold and quiet windy, but was a very good day, because the wonderful Juho Könönen arrived yesterday from Ottenby. He will pass with me the rest of the days I will be here. An excellent birder!! The best on the ringing was the adult female Sparrowhawk. After that we went to the tip and there were a lot of Divers everywhere. Juho noticed there was one bigger Diver with the some Red-throated, and it was a White-billed Diver!!! It crossed over us three times and we could watch it really well. An exceptional moment! Gert was there too enjoying this spectacle. There are photos on the gallery. We saw two Kittiwakes and the House Martin continued there.
We were invited to dinner by Louis to his house, being an excellent food with an excellent company, watching nice photos from Goa.

Birds ringed during the day totaled 4 birds including:

  Sparrowhawk 1
 Blackbird 2

 Mealy Redpoll 1


We tried early in the mornig before the sunrise catch owls opening the nets, but nothing happened. No wind and some Finches on the garden, so it was more diverse ringing. When the birds disappeared we took the bikes and we went to enjoy some Geese were this afternoon beside Gedser's village, Barnacle, White-fronted and Bean Geese were the flocks. Later we went to the harbour and there was a Purple Sandpiper and 4 Rock Pipits
At night we were trying the owl's cathing, but no way... 
Birds ringed during the day totaled 31 birds including:

Blackbird 4
Bluetit 1
Chaffinch 1
  Greenfinch 4
Goldfinch 2
Siskin 11
 Redpoll 3
Mealy Redpoll 11

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