onsdag den 20. november 2013

Some days ago.....


The weather was very good, opening the nets from the early morning, but we didn't catch so many birds. The wind began to come stronger

 Birds ringed during the day totaled 28 birds including

Eurasian sparrowhawk 1
Winter wren 1
Dunnock 1
Robin 1
Common blackbird 1
Blue tit 3
Greenfinch 2
Mealy redpoll 5
Lesser redpoll 4
Northern bullfinch 2
Western bullfinch 6
Yellowhammer 1

 On the afternoon we went to the tip, trying to catch snowbuntings, but nothing happened. Otherwise, we had a very nice dinner, Louis, Hans and Gert enjoyed us. We were for a while watching old pictures from years ago and from this season. Thank you to come here with us!


Now I present myself: I’m Barbara, the new ringer who arrived at Gedser Fuglestation. Like the birds I migrate from the north in autumn to skip the cold, having come from Ottenby, Sweden; where I spent two months ringing birds. I began being a birdwatcher around six years ago and from that moment I couldn’t stop birdwatching and ringing, I love it!!!!!
I spent several seasons at some ringing sites in Spain and last year I went Sweden for the first time to a place called the Sundre faglestation, Gotland.....I just loved it!  The northern Europeans birds are amazing and seabirds are particular favourite
I am from Spain, of course I like the warm places, but with my passion I have to make a comprimise. 

I will be here until the end of November, I hope to enjoy myself to the maximum here and I will try my very best to catch a Waxwing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace and love

Today was a very windy day and rainy, so not ringing. Lars, Jesper and Barbara went to catch ducks to Nykøbing and further: one black-headed gull, one moorhen, an awsome mallards, the first mallard for Gedser! Jack, Rael and Hugh went to the tip, being a good migration day for scoups. In the evening we all went to the tip to try to catch twites with a wader cage, speaker and the hope, but we couldn't, but almost!

Nice dinner like always. The weather at night changed and the wind stopped, so we could try for the owls opening the nets for some hours.

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