lørdag den 31. oktober 2015

October draws to a close

So, we have reached the end of October and today the chilly winds of the last few days abated and after some weak sunshine in the afternoon, the sky took on a strange misty quality. Visibility was much lower than usual with mist enveloping the ferry that shuttles between Gedser and Rostock several times a day.

Birds numbers were low again, Goldcrest (Fuglekonge) are still the leading species with Long-tailed Tit (Halemejse) the second most frequent capture, but this is also the first day that we have seen no new Robins (Rødhals). A bird that usually only crops up as singles is the Goldfinch (Stillits) but today a male and female were captured together.

 Male (red extents behind eye) and female first year Goldfinches (Han & hun 1k Stillits)

There was also a recaptured adult Yellowhammer (2k+ Gulspurv)

Age 4 Yellowhammer (2k+ Gulspurv)

The mist above the sea reduced visibility and created an unusual effect as the Sun sank lower in the sky, but did not seem to deter the Eiders (Ederfugl) that continue to migrate towards the west.

The evening was very calm so we tried for owls and caught an adult Long-eared Owl (Skovhornugle). Pictures will be included in tomorrow's blog.

Good birding.

Totals: 42 (15)

Skovhornugle - 1
Gærdesmutte / Wren - 2
Rødhals / Robin - 0 (2)
Solsort / Blackbird - 2 (1)
Sangdrossel / Songthrush - 1
Vindrossel / Redwing - 1
Fuglekonge / Goldcrest - 18 (10)
Halemejse / Long-tailed Tit - 10
Skovspurv / Tree Sparrow - 2
Musvit / Great Tit - 0 (1)
Grønirisk / Greenfinch - 1
Stillits / Goldfinch - 2
Grønsisken / Siskin - 4
Gulspurv / Yellowhammer - 0 (1)

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