torsdag den 5. november 2015

5th November

There was rain at our usual time to set the nets and as the radar showed more rain at 9am we did not try for standard ringing this morning. When the rain had stopped we went out to take a look at our new noisy neighbours. It was difficult to estimate numbers but they certainly were enjoying what remained of the sugar beet, recently harvested.

There was clearly a new influx of Goldcrest (Fuglekonge) so we dropped just two nets and kept a very close eye on them in the rather cold wind. We were catching for approximately 75 minutes during which time there were no retraps.

Totals: 41

Rødhals / Robin - 1
Fuglekonge / Goldcrest - 31
Lille Gråsisken / Lesser Redpoll - 5
Grønsisken / Siskin - 4

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