mandag den 9. november 2015

Westerly winds - new birds not likely

Adverse weather again - strong winds after much rain during the night. We managed to open enough nettage for a standard session, choosing the most sheltered nets next to vegetation where most of the leaves were already on the ground, but the large numbers of thrushes and finches reluctant to migrate in the conditions stayed high and most avoided the nets.

The first two birds of the day were a couple of 2nd winter Sparrowhawk (Spurvehøg). These were interesting to compare as they were moulting their feathers in slightly different sequences.

 First 2nd winter Sparrowhawk male (2k Spurvehøg han)

 New secondaries, retained primaries.

 One outer tail feather, on each side, retained.

 Second 2nd winter Sparrowhawk male (2k Spurvehøg han) with
head and breast looking more adultlike than first bird.

 Tail moult less advanced - total of six retained retrices

After standand we tried some sound and attracted some Redpoll before the point in the afternoon where the garden was seemingly lifeless, three rounds had produced nothing and nets were closed with no prospect of opening after dark due to the strengthening wind.

However, one of the Lesser Redpoll (Lille Gråsisken) had a golden rather than red poll. This is quite unusual and may be due to a dietry deficiency although the precise cause is unknown.

 Juvenile Lesser Redpoll (1k Lille Gråsisken)

Good birding!

Totals: 35 (3)
Spurvehøg / Sparrowhawk -3
Rødhals / Robin - 0 (1)
Fuglekonge / Goldcrest - 6 (2)
Bogfinke / Chaffinch - 2
Grønsisken / Siskin -6
Nordlig Gråsisken / Common Redpoll - 5
Lille Gråsisken / Lesser Redpoll - 11
Stor Dompap / Northern Bullfinch - 2

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