tirsdag den 21. maj 2013

Another good day

Today I had a similar day than yesterday but with a little bit less birds and species; with 67 birds from 12 species. The weather has been also foggy and it started to rain at 10:30 so I could not spend more time than the standardized.  I have had more or less the same species than yesterday with another Red-breasted Flycatcher. However, today I ringed 11 Marsh Warbler but any Reed Warbler.

Robin: 2
Thrush Nightingale: 1
Marsh Warbler: 11
Icterine Warbler: 7
Lesser Whitethroat: 3
Common Whitethroat: 13
Garden warbler: 14
Blackcap: 1
Willow Warbler: 10
Spotted Flycatcher:  1
Red-breasted Flycatcher: 1
Red-backed Shrike: 3

Today I want to change and I am going to put a photo of a hedgehog that I found this morning in front of house.

The forecast shows for tomorrow heavy rain, so I am afraid that it will be impossible to do the ringing session.


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