mandag den 6. maj 2013

Red-backed Shrike

No big change for today. It has been a poor day with the total number of catches, with only 9 birds ringed. However, all are not bad news because at least I captured the first Red-backed Shrike of the spring. As Hans commented me, seems it is an early bird and more if we consider the belated arrival of other migrant birds.

Without doubt it is a fascinating bird that is far from what would be a typical passerine and, for me, is always a pleasure capture it despite the “gifts” that can give you.

The list of today show as there are not many long-distance migrants:

Dunnock: 1
Common redstart: 1
Blackbird: 2
Blackcap: 1
Willow warbler: 2
Red-backed shrike: 1
Linnet: 1

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