søndag den 12. maj 2013

Successful Open House Day.

Today we had a very special day, as we showed to the public what is done at Gedser Fuglestation. The response from people has been splendid and a lot of people have come up here to see how the station runs and learn about birds. Even a local newspaper has been interested in the activity that has taken place today.

People have not stopped to come all morning to the open house, from early risers at 7 in the morning until  the last when we finished at 12 hours. So Benny and Hans have been busy all the morning teaching how it works the birdringing and explanations about the birds. We had practical demonstration of birdringing and we could  show to the public all the birds of today. Birds have joined us this morning and people have been able to see many species of birds like robin, common and lesser warbler, blackbird or red-backed shrike.

Inside the house there was information about birds, materials and a contest of bird identification. Also, to rest and gather strength the people could drink hot coffee and take cake.

The people have been very pleased with the open house day and we are happy to approach them a little bit the bird world.


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