fredag den 10. maj 2013

Visitor from Sweden and a little "bandit"

Two remarkable events happened today. Firstly at 8:00, we trapped a common whitethroat with Stockholm address.

And then, at 9:00, we capture a Penduline Tit. At the beginning, I thought that it was not scarce ringed bird here, but Hans was with us and told us that the bird of today is the third penduline tit ringed at Gedser, the two previous were a couple ringed the 14.06.2009.

The final list shows a larger number of birds(36), however with less number of species than yesterday (10)
Dunnock: 4
Common Redstart: 1
Blackbird: 1
Lesser Whitethroat: 3
Common Whitethroat: 7
Willow Warbler: 16
Firecrest: 1
Penduline Tit: 1
Linnet: 1
Yellowhammer: 1

Michael, Uffe Damm and Bente have been birdwatching at Gedsser Odde and they watched a Osprey, Merlin, Hobby and Blake Kite. And finally when we were closing the nets five Honey Buzzards crossed over us very low.


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